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Anonymity – why we ask for your name when registering

Occasionally we receive questions from employees who are confused by the registration form. Directly after the invitation by the company, the employees register for the first time at CompanyMood with their name and first name, email address and a password, in order to be able to participate regularly in the mood evaluation. Once registered, a login with your email address and password will suffice as usual.

“The review is anonymous, why would you want my full name when I register?”

It is understandable that this question is asked. Of course, entering the name does not change the anonymity set by the company in the survey. If it is a question of carrying out an identification, in 98% of the cases the email would be completely sufficient. Especially if it concerns the company email, which often still contains the full name. So there are other reasons for entering your first and last name which we would like to explain to you.

Your name for a personalized speech

A personal speech is not possible without a full name. Who would like to use a tool in which he himself is always addressed with “”? You have a name and so we would like to address all users personally. Still we do not use the personal speech in many ranges. In the future we would like to address you however with a name, you are just “Laura, Daniel or Markus” and not an email address.

The employee management

The administration of the invited employees can be done via email addresses and names, sometimes the email address does not correspond to a full name (e.g., then it is useful for the administration of the invited persons to be able to search for a name. The administration of the employees has no connection to the feedback and therefore cannot be used for identification. The administration of employees is required for inviting all employees and for accounting in CompanyMood.

Suggestions for improvement and projects

In the case of good ideas or promising measures, identification is often desired. An ingenious idea will of course be sent under your own name. The possible cooperation in change projects is characterized by personal communication and therefore CompanyMood should be able to reflect this if desired.

We hope we could clarify this question and look forward to your feedback.

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