Führungskräfte unterstützen - Mitarbeiterfeedback mit CompanyMood

CompanyMood Blog + Helpdesk in three languages

The CompanyMood blog will soon be avaible in three languages.

International customers – Blog as information source

The growing request from french and english speaking company staffs located all over the world, convinced us to start a multilanguage version of the blog. As we will use the blog to announce updates and inform you on the latest topics and events, the blog will enable international teams to follow us on all platforms. To support this strategy, we enlarged our team with two new team members in France. We are happy and will present them to you in a new article, which will come soon.

Helpdesk in progress

In the same time we are working on a complete help desk, which will include detailed information, instructions and multimedia content to explain the various functions and metrics of CompanyMood. The help desk will be available in english, german and french. The help desk will further include all needed documents which can help you to prepare your teams for unleashed and continuous feedback. Empower your people 🙂

We are always happy to hear your opinion. Send us your feedback at or write a comment.

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