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How CompanyMood facilitates the risk assessment of psychological stress

Since 2013, the consideration of psychological risk assessment, as required by occupational health and safety, has been mandatory. “Companies and organisations of all sizes must identify the risks to their employees arising from mental stress at work”. In larger companies, risk assessment is often carried out by occupational health and safety officers, but for start-ups and smaller companies this is an additional expense, where CompanyMood can facilitate and supplement risk assessment with continuous feedback.

What does risk assessment of mental stress require?

Psychological stress at work can be caused by a variety of different influences, such as work intensity, team interaction, working hours or spatial factors such as a noisy environment, poor lighting and an unpleasant climate. Moderate stress at work is acceptable and normal. If, however, the stress shows signs of negative effects on the health of employees, appropriate steps should be taken to improve the respective activities or circumstances.

How companies proceed to identify psychological stress factors

Regular surveys and workshops are recommended in which the burdens are recorded and solutions are found. The GDA portal provides detailed information and recommendations for action. It is worth taking a look at their pages and the section on risk assessment of mental stress.

The following steps must be carried out:

  • Preparing to carry out the risk assessment
  • Definition of activities and areas for examination
  • Recording and assessment of the psychological stress of work
  • Definition of measures
  • Implementation of measures
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the measures applied
  • Updating and documentation of the risk assessment in the event of changed circumstances

The implementation and observance of these steps is associated with a high expenditure of time and is particularly in small and medium-sized enterprises without occupational safety specialists, by the management or by the personnel management taken over.

How can HR and management with their already tight schedules cope with this additional requirement?

Continuously record, analyse and document hazards

CompanyMood relieves occupational health and safety professionals and human resources managers of much of the work involved in assessing the risk of psychological stress. The development of measures and workshops, however, remains the responsibility of the companies, as these vary greatly according to industry and activity. However, CompanyMood makes a decisive contribution to reducing the effort required and to automatically implement the required analysis, performance review and documentation. If CompanyMood is used with the standard set of our Reasons tags (reasons), all required areas for efficient recording and documentation are available.

The reasons and their evaluation are marked over time and changes (documented by event pins) can be recorded and their effects made visible. The measures that have been created and the results are also documented. This is done weekly in a PDF report, which is sent directly to those responsible.

Productivity and motivation decrease due to psychological stress


Psychological stress reduces the productivity and motivation of employees. The best examples of such stress factors are noisy or uncomfortable offices. In order to keep potential psychological, physical or health consequences as low as possible, the early detection and analysis of stressful, job-related factors is an important prerequisite for prevention. Even small changes are the first step in the right direction.

CompanyMood helps employees and responsible persons to identify stress factors and to derive measures from them.

We have therefore created a document: Psychosocial-Risks-at-Work-CompanyMood.

How does your company fulfil the legal obligation to assess the risk of psychological stress?

We look forward to your feedback or comments.

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