Führungskräfte unterstützen - Mitarbeiterfeedback mit CompanyMood

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Customizable questionnaires – employee surveys with CompanyMood

With the CompanyMood survey system, existing employee surveys can be transferred or individual questionnaires can be created and queried at department or company level. This makes employee feedback in CompanyMood even more meaningful and supplemented by additional tools such as regular surveys. Whether one question or ten, your company determines which surveys are created and…

CompanyMood Blog + Helpdesk in three languages

CompanyMood Blog + Helpdesk in three languages

The CompanyMood blog will soon be avaible in three languages. International customers – Blog as information source The growing request from french and english speaking company staffs located all over the world, convinced us to start a multilanguage version of the blog. As we will use the blog to announce updates and inform you on the latest topics…