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Flexible mood reviews – now customizable to your favorite feedback culture

From now on, the interval of the mood surveys can be set individually. If the weekly query is too frequent and you prefer to have the mood evaluated every two to three weeks, maybe just once a month, you can now adjust this individually in the company settings.

Fulfill expectations – adjust the valuation frequency to your own possibilities

An assessment of the mood also raises expectations among employees and managers. Whoever requests feedback is also measured by the reaction to the feedback. This results in a certain pressure to act on the part of those involved from HR, people management and management. The expectations of the participants increase with the frequency of the evaluations. We recommend to present the feedback in the team once a month (mood and topics) and to discuss appropriate solutions or suggestions for improvement. If necessary, measures, persons responsible and implementation can then be decided upon.

Settings for the review frequency

f you want to design the time periods for the feedback a little longer, you can use a two-week or monthly recording. Together with specific surveys (easily created with our survey system) in the meantime, this frequency provides sufficient coverage of feedback.

Of course, the notifications can also be adapted to the flexible frequencies. In this way, the employees can be asked to evaluate at any time within the set frequency and be reminded if necessary. For this purpose, the week or month and the exact day of the week including time can be set.

Available from Basic Plan

The adjustable frequencies are available from the Basic plan. To book the Basic Plan a visit to the plan selection of the company settings is sufficient.
Click here for an overview of the services in the Basic and Pro plans.
We are happy to activate your basic plan trial including all features without obligation for up to 30 days. You can contact our support at any time.

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