Führungskräfte unterstützen - Mitarbeiterfeedback mit CompanyMood

What’s new at CompanyMood?

We have again integrated some innovations that make CompanyMood more effective and improve the evaluations. What exactly happened and which changes are pending, we introduce to you in the following.

The new CompanyMood App

The new app contains the mood rating, message box, many settings and six new languages (NL, PL, IT, ES, PT, RU) from which you can choose. The chat and polls will be published in the next updates -> download the apps now

The new CompanyMood App is now available for free.

Advanced anonymization settings

Our anonymity standard requires at least five people to display the results of the mood analysis at departmental / team level. In order to meet even higher requirements, we have added the ability not only to increase the minimum team size, but also to decide how many ratings to display the results after.

Thus, higher requirements such as a minimum group size of six persons and the display can be implemented according to three existing ratings. If you like to change these settings for higher requirements, please contact our support.

It is not possible to reduce the minimum team size of five people. This way we can guarantee that employees and managers can continue to rely on sufficient anonymity in the evaluation.

Dashboard settings for teams

It is also possible to make the evaluation details of the respective department and the display of the top five topics in this department visible or invisible on the employee dashboard. This setting can be made by the administrator and supervisor.

The right part (participation and valuation distribution) can be hidden.

With these additional settings, we are responding to the desire to adapt the visibility of data within the team to the corporate culture.

Overview of the evaluation dates

In the settings for the mood barometer, we have integrated a list of the dispatch times for the e-mail / push messages to the employees. The list is updated every time the settings are saved and improves the clarity for the exact dispatch times. In addition, the option ‘Last week’ is now in the selection of frequencies. This option ensures that requests and reminders are always sent in the last week of the evaluation period, regardless of whether a month has four or five weeks.

Companies can decide in the companys’ notification settings on which days and at what time the employees receive the request and the reminder for mood evaluation.

Improved reports

The reports have been optically improved in the topic area and are now easier to read. In addition, the graphics, participations and other values have been optimally adapted for the set periods instead of being divided into weekly intervals.

Employer Branding

We have added social media profiles to the possible recommendations for employer branding. If the company profile URL for one of the available portals is filled out, this is advertised in the dashboard. So your teams are informed about the company profiles on different portals. The following portals are currently available for selection:

  • Glassdoor, kununu, LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

We will be back with updates shortly. There are new exciting cooperation partners with great features, a slack integration and other updates that we will release next week.

If you have any questions or need advice, the CompanyMood team is always at your disposal.

Stephanie Wörz

Als Fachkraft für betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement und als Master-Psychologin mit dem Schwerpunkt der Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie bin ich im Bereich Business Development tätig. Ich stehe meinen Kollegen bei der Entwicklung von CompanyMood mit psychologischem Fachwissen zur Seite.

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