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News at CompanyMood – Product update

We have some innovations and adjustments that make CompanyMood more effective and improve the evaluations. What exactly happened and which changes are coming up in the new year, we don’t want to keep from you any longer.

New design for our event pins

We have revised the design of the event pins for improved clarity.


Events, surveys and actions on the dashboard

Our new activity widget displays (depending on visibility and role) current event pins, surveys and ongoing actions on the dashboard. Documentation is provided through the regular PDF report.


Mood benchmark for department managers

Department managers can compare the mood in their department with that of the entire company.

Login via QR Code

In addition to our terminals, there is the mood evaluation by QR code. Thus, participation in the evaluation is possible without an email login. To do so, employees only have to download the free CompanyMood app (Android app|iOS app) and scan a QR code instead of email and password.


For security reasons, the QR codes generated from our system only work with the CompanyMood apps.

Four new languages

The selection of languages is continually being expanded. New in our repertoire is Danish, Finnish, Estonian and Lithuanian.

Language settings when inviting new employees

When inviting new employees to CompanyMood it can be determined in which language the invitation should be sent (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Estonian or Lithuanian).

Looking ahead to the year 2020

We are already looking forward to the year 2020:

Besides our new team member Jonas (Machine Learning Engineer), with Stephanie, we now also have a specialist for occupational health management on board.

In addition, new functions (text analysis, roles and reports) and lots of exciting content on the topic of employee retention and leadership await you.

Test CompanyMood with your team for 30 days free of charge and without obligation. Our support team will be happy to answer your questions by mail or phone (+49 68931 51 68 913).


The CompanyMood team wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a successful start into the New Year!


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